Meet Martin Whiskin, the voice over artist with a knack for comedy. With a voice that can charm anyone, he brings a touch of humor to every project he works on. From commercials to explainer videos, telephony to video games, Martin’s voice has found its way around the world, but never into… an elevator. Yes, you heard it right! Martin’s ultimate goal in life is to ride a lift, listening to himself announcing the floors, creating a surreal inception-like experience. With Martin’s wit and infectious laughter, he’ll leave you entertained and wondering, “can we book him for our elevator rides too?”

You can find Martin here:

Introducing Thorbjørn Lynggaard Sørensen, the biology-loving, tractor-driving, game-designing, laughter-inducing wizard! Thorbjørn’s journey began with a deep fascination for animals and biology, which led him to spend his late teens milking cows and maneuvering bulldozers (and the occasional tractor) on a farm. After some meandering and tinkering with computers, he set his sights on becoming a game designer, embarking on a quest to make his mark in the gaming world.

By some stroke of insane luck (or perhaps cosmic humor), Thorbjørn found himself accepted into the prestigious Danish School of Design, where he honed his creative skills. From that moment on, design captured his heart and became his true passion. But here’s the secret sauce to Thorbjørn’s happiness: he has an incredibly short route to laughter. A well-timed joke or a clever quip is all it takes to light up his face and make his day.

You can find Thorbjørn at