S2E17 – Design Ops

Design Ops is there to help Designers “Doing the job that matters”  

NNGroup defines the Design Ops as “The orchestration and optimization of people, processes, and craft in order to amplify design’s value and impact at scale.”

As soon as more people works together, and groups start to form in companies, then the overhead and bureaucracy becomes a factor in the way that everyone works together. This slows things down and becomes a burden to everyone.

This is where the Ops role comes into play.

In this episiode of Hidden By Design, we are talking about what Design Ops is, and what it can do for your organization.

You will learn:

  • What Design Ops is
  • Why and When you need Design Ops
  • The 3 fundamentals of Design Ops

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Nielsen Norman Group – Design Ops


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