S1E4 – Constraints and Conventions

Our brains really like that things are the way it believes that things should be! So, how do we determine how our brain believe that things should be?

Give this episode a listen, as we discuss the ideas of constraints and convensions.

I’m in favor of progress; it’s change I don’t like. – Mark Twain

What are constraints and conventions, and how can we use them when doing design?

In the episode we split constraints into 3 categories

  • Physical Constraints (Not big enough, or too big.)
  • Logical Constraints (Can I figure it out, do I have cognitive power)
  • Cultural Constraints (Reading from left to right, Gamers, etc)

This is then related to conventions, which then again leads to talking about the good old days.

Find out all of the basics you need to know about Constraints and Conventions by listening to this Episode of Hidden by Design.

Its a good idea (but not nessecary) to listen to Episode 3 – The Brain, before listening to this one.


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