S1E14 – Questions

With this season finale we are answering questions that you, the listeners, have been asking. So, take a few minutes to sit down and listen to us funble around, trying to answer these excelent questions !

You will learn the following

  • Why roofings have a pitch (And we will learn about “The Potatohole)
  • Is there a rotation and trends in design that repeats itself over time?
  • Is the “Decoy effect” only effective for marketing purposes? And how does it relate to bringing your ugly friend to the Disco?

Thank you for listening to our podcast, it have been a blast making it, and we learned so much 🙂


Lego Mindstorm

Bermuda Roofing

The decoy effect
Short explainer video
Longer video

If you want to get in contact, or just ask us questions, you can find us here

Martin Whiskin

Thorbjørn Lynggaard Sørensen

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