S2E19 – How emotions makes you do

This episode is about the relationship between emotions and decisions. We discuss how emotions are the brains way of making decisions, where as an example “hot state” decisions are made at high emotional influence.

Think about your emotions like a cup with a tiny hole in the bottom, everytime something fules that emotion, you put a bit of “emotional water” in the cup, if the water fills into the cup faster than it empties, then at some point, the cup overflows. These hot state feelings anger, love, or happiness, which leads to unreflective actions. So, if its happiness, you will start laughing uncontrolably, and what you will see is all the funny things happening, that will keep filling the happy/funny cup.

Understanding emotions is crucial for designers that wants to create designs that resonate at a deeper level with users.

You will learn

  • The brain is a predictability machine
  • Hot State – Cold state
  • What is a body budget
  • How we make decisions


How Emotions are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain – Lisa Feldman Barrett