• S2E20 – UI is not design

    S2E20 – UI is not design

    UI is not design! And with that out of the way, lets get to the meat of this episode. This is an episode about understanding what User Interfaces (UI) is and isnt. Now that you read this far, then I feel I need to make sure that I mention that design cannot exist without an…

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  • S2E19 – How emotions makes you do

    S2E19 – How emotions makes you do

    This episode is about the relationship between emotions and decisions. We discuss how emotions are the brains way of making decisions, where as an example “hot state” decisions are made at high emotional influence. Think about your emotions like a cup with a tiny hole in the bottom, everytime something fules that emotion, you put…

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  • S2E18 – Storytelling in Design

    S2E18 – Storytelling in Design

    Why do we need to be great storytellers? And where does Storytelling fit into Design and user experience. This is what we are talking about in this episode. By listning to this you will learn: Resources: Simon Sinek – Start With Why Anthony Jeselnik Studying aristotles poetics Aristotles 7 Elements of Good Storytelling Interaction Design…

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  • S2E17 – Design Ops

    S2E17 – Design Ops

    Design Ops is there to help Designers “Doing the job that matters”   NNGroup defines the Design Ops as “The orchestration and optimization of people, processes, and craft in order to amplify design’s value and impact at scale.” As soon as more people works together, and groups start to form in companies, then the overhead…

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  • S2E16 – Who’s afraid of Whitespace?

    S2E16 – Who’s afraid of Whitespace?

    Nothing is also something! And that is exactly what we are talking about in this episode of Hidden By Design. Most people are afraid of Whitespace, and in many cases that is a problem if you are a designer. This conversation will let you know the basics about whitespace, and some practical advice on how…

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  • S2E15 – Tesslers Law

    S2E15 – Tesslers Law

    Understanding the difference between simple and simplistic, is fundamental to being able to do great design. The second thing you should learn is that users dont care about your design! Once you have these two things in place, then it becomes easier to focus on the right things when designing. Anyways, I think you should…

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  • S2E14 – Good Designs

    S2E14 – Good Designs

    A while back, we asked around for everyones favourite designs and what good design meant to them. In this episode we go through some of the answers and have a discussion about that. Thank you to all who contributed, it was really a pleasure reading and discussing all of this with you.

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  • S2E13 – Time

    S2E13 – Time

    Time and the use of time is massively underestimated as a tool for anyone who is creating experiences. As a designer, and creator of creative content, there is two types of times. Physical time and Experienced time. In this episode, you will learn how to relate to time as a designer, and how you use…

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  • S2E12 – Nudging

    S2E12 – Nudging

    Nudging is the art of “ever so gently” influencing someones behaviour. This could be as simple as a countdown counter to make someone make a choice faster, or in a more serious case, package pills in a way that lowers the suicide rate on a national scale. The definition of a Nudge is, any aspect…

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  • S2E11 – Psychological Safety

    S2E11 – Psychological Safety

    Respect a whole person, before you expect a whole person! Let me start by killing a misconspetion about Psychological safety. There is no “Kumbaya” over it, and it does not mean that there will be no conflicts. In fact, Psychologica Safety is about handling conflicts in a constructive way. Its about fostering intelectual disagreements and…

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  • S2E10 – Creativity

    S2E10 – Creativity

    Creativity is not just something someone is. Creativity is something that you can be, and train yourself to be. How can I do this, you might ask yourself! Well, you can start by listening to this episode of Hidden By Design, were we will describe what creativity is, and secondly.. and maybe for some more…

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  • S2E9 – Design and AI

    S2E9 – Design and AI

    There is a lot of talk about AI these days. And when it comes to Design and Creatives, there is a lot of fear that AI will come to take our jobs. At Hidden By Design we believe that AI wont take your job. But if you dont start working with AI then Designers who…

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  • S2E8 – Design thinking

    S2E8 – Design thinking

    Design thinking is not a new concept, in fact, some would claim that its more than 80 years old and in the making. Design thinking is a method to address human needs and desires in a technologically feasible and strategically viable manner. But how does it connect with the famous three-step business plan of “1…

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  • S2E7 – How to Feedback

    S2E7 – How to Feedback

    Getting feedback can feel overwhelming and be a bad experience, if done wrong. It can feel personal and agressive, and can often leave you feeling bad about yourself. Giving feedback is a super difficult, and is not, contrary to popular belief an exercie of guiding people by telling them what to do, its about making…

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  • S2E6 – Design Systems and Design Languages

    S2E6 – Design Systems and Design Languages

    Design Systems is the bridge between professions which most important role is to be the foundation of creating a culture. This is one of the new enlightenments I got out of listening to John Bevan talking about his Passion for Design Systems. If you want to have a clear brand, but at the same time,…

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  • S2E5 – Motion design

    S2E5 – Motion design

    Motion design is the trade of making design move. In this episode we interview Mark Lawrence, a 24 years in the making and super talented Motion Designer, and he tells us all of the knicks and knacks of motion design. We learn what it is, and what his day to day job entails. Takeaways of…

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  • S2E4 – Millers Law

    S2E4 – Millers Law

    George Miller, wrote a paper in 1965, called “The magical number seven, plus or minus two” which describes limits to our capacity for processing information. This paper laid out the groundwork for “Miller’s Law”, which is “The average person can only keep 7 (plus or minus 2) items in their working memory.” In this episode…

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  • S2E3 – Hicks Law

    S2E3 – Hicks Law

    How fast, or how slow, are you at taking action and making desicions ? Well, that really depends on how many things you are supposed to relate to, how clear the hieracy of the design is presented, how much else is disturbing the picture, and etc. Hicks law is a way to calculate your designs…

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  • S2E2 – Gamification

    S2E2 – Gamification

    Gamification is NOT when you add a leaderboard and set highscores. Gamification is NOT when you simply take popular gamemechanics and push them into your designs, thinking that it will increase engagement. But what is is then? Listen to this episode about gamification, and you will learn what gamification is. You will also learn how…

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  • S2E1 – Deceptive Design

    S2E1 – Deceptive Design

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Season 2 kicks off with a bang as we dive into the intriguing world of Deceptive Design (formerly referred to as “Dark Design”). We’ll unravel the mysteries surrounding it and show you how to steer clear of its pitfalls. In this…

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  • S2E0 – A small teaser while we wait.

    S2E0 – A small teaser while we wait.

    We have ended season 1. And to be honest, we cannot wait to start releasing Season 2 and all of the amazing stuff we have in store for you. So, stay tuned, in a couple of weeks we will be with you again, and start releasing the next season. With all of our podcast learnings…

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  • S1E14 – Questions

    S1E14 – Questions

    With this season finale we are answering questions that you, the listeners, have been asking. So, take a few minutes to sit down and listen to us funble around, trying to answer these excelent questions ! You will learn the following Thank you for listening to our podcast, it have been a blast making it,…

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  • S1E13 – Season End, “The test”

    S1E13 – Season End, “The test”

    The season finale is upon us, but fear not, its only a short break while we prepare season 2. We will be back in September again. In this episode you will learn if Martin paid attention during class, and that Thorbjorn prepared some really though questions for Martin to answer. So Quizz along with Martin…

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  • S1E12 – Gestalt

    S1E12 – Gestalt

    “Alright, folks! Buckle up for another mind-bending episode of Hidden By Design, where we unravel the mysteries of perception with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of wit. Prepare to have your mind blown! According to the legendary words of Gustave Flaubert, ‘There is no truth. There is only perception.’ In this episode we…

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  • S1E11 – Emotional Design

    S1E11 – Emotional Design

    Welcome to our latest episode on Hidden by Design where we will be talking about ‘Emotional Design,’ we dive deep into the magical world of aesthetics and its impact on our creativity and problem-solving abilities. As Don Norman famously stated, ‘attractive things make people feel good, which in turn makes them think more creatively.’ And…

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  • S1E10 – Colours

    S1E10 – Colours

    What do you really know about colours? That there is 3 primary colours, or do you know the colour wheel.. or who invented the colour wheel? Well, we can promise you, that in this episode of Hidden by Design, we will teach you something that you did not know. If that is not the case,…

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  • S1E9 – Mental Models

    S1E9 – Mental Models

    Perception and reality is two different things! This is the quote that we start out this episode with, and it set the stage for what you are about to learn. What is actually there is not the same as what people believe is there. And this creates the foundation for how people will try to…

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  • S1E8 – Usability and Measuring Design

    S1E8 – Usability and Measuring Design

    Is it possible to meassure how good your design is? In this episiode we will be discussing Utility and Usability, how they are connected and talk about how this is part of understanding and creating userfriendly design. There is 5 traits of good usability as described by Nielsen and Normann. Learnability, Effeciency, Memorability, Errors and…

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  • S1E7 – What is intuitive design

    S1E7 – What is intuitive design

    Have you ever heard someone say: “Thats not intuitive!” ? Well, chances are that you have, and especailly, as a designer, you will hear this phrase a lot. But what does it mean? In this episode of Hidden by design, we will explore the idea of intuition, and what it means for the way that…

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  • S1E6 – Noise and Biases

    S1E6 – Noise and Biases

    Do you have good judgment? Are you able to reflect properly on available information, and come to a sensible conclusion? What can affect your ability to come to this conclusion? Get the answers to all of these question by listening to this episode of Hidden by Design, where we take you through some of the…

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  • S1E5 – Flow

    S1E5 – Flow

    Did you ever say that you were in flow? Most of us have, but have you really thought about what it means, and where the word “flow” comes from? In this episode of “Hidden by Design” we are going to take you into the realm of optimal experience, and talk a bit about how to…

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  • S1E4 – Constraints and Conventions

    S1E4 – Constraints and Conventions

    Our brains really like that things are the way it believes that things should be! So, how do we determine how our brain believe that things should be? Give this episode a listen, as we discuss the ideas of constraints and convensions. I’m in favor of progress; it’s change I don’t like. – Mark Twain…

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  • S1E3 – The Brain

    S1E3 – The Brain

    How does the human brain work? (It doesent) What is Automatic thinking and Reflective thinking? How do we remember things? (We dont) “Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true!” – Homer Simpson The the answer to all of these questions and much more will be discussed in this…

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  • S1E2 – Affordance

    S1E2 – Affordance

    Affordance, is a word that is thrown around a lot in Design. But what does it actually means, and how do you approach it as a designer? We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are! – Anaïs Nin? Babylonian Talmud? Immanuel Kant? G. T. W. Patrick? H. M. Tomlinson? Steven Covey?…

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  • S1E1 – What is design

    S1E1 – What is design

    Design, what is it? A question that have a lot of different opinions attached to it. Design, and the job of a Designer, often gets reduced to “Just make it look pretty” or “This is not intuitive”. But what is design then, if it is not just about making things look great? Get the answer…

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